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I have been in online marketing since 2003 (ebooklisting.net) and have accumulated a lot of knowledge and material. Initially most materials were in the form of ebooks or software. Video and social media had a great impact online marketing. To survive, it was necessary to adapt to new methods that were producing sales. I knew video would take off, just another learning curve to deal with and I initially held off implementing.

I'm not sure how much revenue I lost, but other marketers assured me, it was a mistake. One, that has been corrected by spending over $750+ a month, purchasing the latest and most automated products and software available. I decided to save YOU and others some of the problems I faced in the beginning, and later

I decided to create a limited (50 subscriber) membership site.
Offering the latest tutorials, and personal coaching at my cost.

Can YOU afford $17 a month?

If not, there's no sense wasting your time, or mine!!!
Business expenses, that can't be avoided and must be paid, to be successful.
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Advertising
  • Development
  • Continued learning
My Cost today is around $850 per month!

Doing the work yourself isn't often the fastest or best way.

Paying or working with others to do the things for or with YOU is a common practice among successful marketers, it speeds up the time to making sales and "MONEY". I learned that the hard way because I was determined to do everything myself...Big Mistake!!!
I spent a lot of extra time, and expenses continued to mount, before I began listening to my mentors.

My marketing friends realized I was struggling, and becoming depressed, with the way things were not working out. They began showing me how they were doing things, that made them money, and told me I should give their methods a try.

I didn't have anything to lose, so why not.

That was my BIG Ah-Ha Moment, and even though I still have to work, I'm making money and reinvesting in automation. I plan to work only four hours a day this year and maintain a long term perpetual business. Automation, when you can afford it is the "SECRET" to less work, and letting others help you through the maze is a close second.

"Paying It Forward"

This is my attempt to do so, and I think YOU will agree that I have made this a very good investment. It will save YOU having to buy courses to teach you how to accomplish various methods. I have many tutorials and tools in my $17 website that will get YOU on the fast-track to making money. This includes my personal help if required, and I also have personal tools that identify good keywords and niches that should payoff. This is the reason I limit my membership to 50 members, because every now and then I get pretty involved.

It is my hope that when YOU become successful, YOU will move on to my next membership site (www.quick-niches.com). On that site, I have niches in profitable markets leading to good automation and time savings. The products require very little modification and you will have YOUR own product, basically plug and play marketing. It is also limited membership (125) and the cost is $97 per month. A bargain for those making money and wanting more leisure time!!!

Building A Successful Business...That Produces Long Term Wealth!!!

I won't promise overnight success because that would require "MAGIC". I know all the overnight successes are tempting, but in my opinion undeliverable. SUCCESS is buiding a solid foundation, with careful planning, and execution of the business model.

Sound Bussiness Model:

  • Delivering quality products at a reasonable price to a market willing to pay for them
  • Building trust and relationships is the key to repeat business and even more success.
If YOUR only interest is a "quick buck", then I won't be of much help.

Just keep buying those "shiny objects" and wishing !!!

Our Price Is $17 per month.
Most other memberships charge between
$37 and $97 for similar services.
50 Memberships fill up fast - Don't get left out!
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